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Is Working for Free Worth it?

300 300 Amy Tallmadge

“No pay, but GREAT exposure!” How many times have you heard that? If you haven’t, you just haven’t been working…

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Surround Yourself with Positive People

3548 1956 Amy Tallmadge

Here on the blog a few weeks ago, we talked about comparing yourself to others. That little green-eyed monster who…

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Tell People How You Want Them to Feel

3723 2482 Amy Tallmadge

In my immediate family, I am the only actor. Though other members of my family have just as much creativity…

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Comparison is the Thief of Joy

3264 2448 Amy Tallmadge

There are a couple of actresses in Atlanta that I frequently run into around town – at auditions, where we…

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Handling Questions from Non-Actors – The Magic Phrase

800 400 Amy Tallmadge

“You haven’t been on television yet?” “So, sure, you’re an actor, but what’s your REAL job?” “How much money do…

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