Audition Taping

Need an audition taped and want someone to do more that just press “record”? Schedule a 30 or 60 minute session with John Paul to get expert one-on-one coaching. Get feedback on all aspects of the audition – camera and script technique, scene analysis, bringing life to every moment, physicality, even wardrobe and makeup.

Coaching takes place in the taping room of our sister company, Actor Taping Services, using all professional equipment. We’ll do multiple takes with instant review, and can even edit the final audition while you watch, so you know exactly what will be delivered.


Private coaching outside of the taping room is also available to help you with:

  • In-person auditions
  • Meeting with agent
  • Individual on-camera technique training
  • Scene study (cost can be split with scene partners)
  • General career advice
  • Marketing

If we don’t have the resources to help with your specific needs, we probably know someone who does, and we’ll help you connect.