Interview with Actor Ron Bush – Moving from Atlanta to LA, Part 2

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If you missed part one of our interview with Ron, you can read it here. Ron Bush has been in…

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Acting is a Journey

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“I still feel sometimes that I’d like to be as good as so-and-so actor. I see some other actors’ work,…

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Comparison is the Thief of Joy

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There are a couple of actresses in Atlanta that I frequently run into around town – at auditions, where we…

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Getting Control in Your Career

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How many times have you heard yourself or fellow actors say things like, “I just need to get an agent,”…

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What do You Want Your Career to Look Like?

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  Over the course of my acting career I’ve had varying degrees of dedication to my art. I think that’s…

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Handling Questions from Non-Actors – The Magic Phrase

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“You haven’t been on television yet?” “So, sure, you’re an actor, but what’s your REAL job?” “How much money do…

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